Yankees News: Great update on Luis Severino’s starting pitching plans for 2022

New York Yankees, Luis Severino
Oct 3, 2018; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino (40) celebrates after making the last out while bases were loaded during the fourth inning against the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 American League wild card playoff baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees still have a long way to go before they have the team situation for the 2022 season, but they are getting back several starting pitchers who can make an impact moving forward.

Last season, both Domingo German and Luis Severino failed to make a significant impact, but the expectation is that both will be vying for starting rotation slots.

German pitched just 98.1 innings, recording a 4.58 ERA with 8.97 strikeouts per 9. His 42.2% ground ball rate with the highest it’s been in his career, indicating a minor shift in strategy on the mound.

German used his fastball 29%, the lowest in his career, but saw a big increase in change-up percentage at 22.4%, up from 18.9% in 2019.

However, German will likely take over a slot at the back end of the rotation, but the Yankees are expecting Luis Severino to have a far more prominent role in their future success.

According to Andy Martino of SNY, the Yankees should have Luis Severino back to full strength in 2022.

Luis Severino says he is already throwing bullpens and expecting to be ready to be a starting pitcher whenever spring training starts, by the way.

With Severino pitching regularly and preparing for the season, this could finally be the year he returns to full strength after dealing with multiple Tommy John surgeries.

In 2021, Severino pitched just six innings at the end of the season, working his way back from a number of setbacks, including a groin injury unrelated to his Tommy John surgery.

The last time Severino has pitched a full season was back in 2018, when he earned an All-Star appearance. Severino finished with a 3.39 ERA and 10.35 strikeouts per 9. He also featured a 3.26 SIERA and 3.10 xFIP.

If he can return to those quality numbers, the Yankees will be in good shape in the middle of the rotation. However, it would be advisable to bring in another solid arm to complement Gerrit Cole in the number two slot after losing Corey Kluber this off-season.