Yankees News: Bad Luis Severino injury news, as Cashman is vague on his return

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York Yankees starting pitching rotation has been bolstered significantly off over the past few weeks, thanks to moves by general manager Brian Cashman. However, the moves he’s made are considered risky since both Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon are coming off significant injuries.

Both starters haven’t pitched over 40 innings in the past two years, so the Yankees are hedging their bet that they will escape without any serious injury complications moving forward. Cashman seems confident in what he’s built, despite not having the financial flexibility he’s usually accustomed to.

Despite their moves to improve the rotation, the Yankees are also looking to gain back Domingo German and Luis Severino for the 2021 season. With the addition of these two homegrown players and their acquisitions, they should be in good shape, but Cashman’s latest comments on Severino’s injury and rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery aren’t exactly motivating.

Cashman stated that the Yankees expect to gain Severino back in late July, but that timeline is a bit vague. He also mentioned late summer as a possible return point, which wouldn’t even give Severino half a season to regain his form to prepare for the playoffs. Considering he hasn’t pitched more than 12 innings in two years, I wouldn’t depend on Severino being a focal point and big contributor in 2021.

Now, if you feel comfortable rolling with Kluber and Taillon as your number two and three starters, you might either be a genius or a simple fool. Cashman has done his best with limited funds, but both pitchers seem to be healthy and prepared for the season ahead. Kluber stated after signing with the Yankees that he was looking for a contending team, as he feels good physically, but mentally he needs to find his way out of the rehabilitation mentality.

As for Taillon, he asserted he feels 100% healthy, and he should have a normal workload going into spring training, which is a great sign. The evidence reveals that Cashman made two stellar acquisitions, but most expected Severino to be ready earlier than the timetable given. That will be a major blow for the Yankees, as they look to hold the latter portion of the rotation together with youth and inexperience.