Yankees News, 7/22: Depth outfielder saves the day, Bombers are experiencing something special

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There’s one simple difference between the Yankees a few weeks ago and the present team, they are having fun. Enjoying the game of baseball and the unique experience to wear the pinstripes, the Yankees have relied on multiple depth pieces to elevate the team over the past few days as they wait for some of their big players to return including Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela.

However, despite losing some of their best players, the Bombers have won four consecutive games and are heading into a massive four-game series against the Boston Red Sox starting on Thursday evening. The team emerged victorious against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday thanks to a Ryan LaMarre walk-off single in extra innings.

LaMarre was ecstatic about his walk-off hit, making it the second of his career.

“There were no buttons to be found,” LaMarre said. “I don’t know how they fix those or if they just get you a new one. I don’t think that jersey’s coming back.”

The reserve pieces being relied upon know the importance of wearing the pinstripes, and while some players might take it for granted, having been with the top team for a few seasons, the younger players who are being given an opportunity are soaking it in.

“Not many people obviously get a chance to wear the uniform, let alone get a chance to come through and get a walk-off hit,” he said. “To have moments like these you just try to soak them in and they keep you going honestly. … Any day up here is a good day.”

Skipper Aaron Boone has had no choice but to rely on his depth the past few seasons due to an increase in injuries year after year, and that is no different this season. The only difference, these players are elevating the team and helping them secure victory — an unexpected reality.

“The RailBirds are here and we’re having fun,” LaMarre said.

The Yankees need their youngsters to keep producing:

In the win on Wednesday, the Yankees’ depth helped put them over the edge, with Greg Allen driving in a run on a double and Estevan Florial scoring a run and reaching first base on an infield single. Hopefully, they can continue producing ahead of a huge series against Boston. On Thursday evening, Jordan Montgomery will take the mound with a 4.18 ERA.

Boston will feature Taner Houck, who hosts a 3.38 ERA this season over four games played. He is a young starter, so the Yankees have an opportunity to take advantage.

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