Yankees News, 7/18: Aaron Boone rips fan for throwing ball at Alex Verdugo

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees won their first game of the season against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday evening by a score of 3-1. Thanks to starting pitcher Gerrit Cole and a fantastic performance over 6.0 innings, the Yankees finally managed to get back into the win column, despite them being eight games back in the AL East standings.

After Thursday’s game against Boston was postponed due to COVID-19 protocols, the Yankees will now finish off the series on Sunday evening with Jameson Taillon on the mound. Taillon has performed well as of late, lowering his ERA to sub 5.00.

However, during the win, a Yankee fan threw a baseball at outfielder Alex Verdugo, sparking a verbal fighting match from the stands.


After the game, skipper Aaron Boone commented on the matter, stating how awful and disrespectful it was for a fan to do this, no matter the opponent.

“That’s my understanding, that someone threw a ball and hit him point-blank from behind. It’s awful and embarrassing, unacceptable,” Boone told reporters, per a clip shared by SNY. “My understanding is they did catch the guy. Hopefully, he’s in jail right now. Yeah, it’s just a bad situation. If I was Alex Cora, I would have done the same thing as far as going out and getting his guys off the field. There’s zero place for that in this great game, in this great rivalry. Players should never feel like they ever have to worry about anything like that. So, you know, I already reached out to Alex Cora, just apologized, and to Alex Verdugo. That’s just a terrible, bad, sad situation and sorry about that.”

Hopefully, the fan was punished for his transgressions, and the Yankees can move forward without any further issues. Considering the state of the team, the Bombers can use all the positivity they can possibly muster, and this fan felt the need to curate negative attention.
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