Yankees: Major Aaron Boone opening press-conference takeaways

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone
Feb 16, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) during spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone opening Spring Training press-conference TOP quotes:

Q: Do you feel as tho the team is ready to compete for a World Series?

I do, absolutely, talk is always cheap, obviously at this point, but I really like the winter that we’ve had, with some of the additions we’ve made, I think we’re going to be impactful. To go along with the makeup of this team that is of championship caliber. And certainly, that’s what we’re here to try and do, and to try to accomplish, and we get to start that tomorrow. And you know, a lot of the groundwork is laid, a lot of that foundation is laid throughout the winter with guys in their off-season programs, but now we get to come together as a team and start trying to lay what we hope is that championship foundation.

Q: Could you carry more pitchers this season?

Depth is obviously going to be important and we feel like you know, we have 10, 11, 12 pitchers that aren’t just capable of going out there but are capable of going out there and thriving. And I’m excited to see those guys get to work. I feel like my understanding is that by any large those guys are all in really good places as we get ready to start tomorrow.


Q: What is Jameson and Corey’s game plan for this week?

I guess yes, we will be monitoring them a little more closely. But this time of year, with all our pitchers, we are gathering as much information as we can. We’re certainly listening to the feedback from their bodies and how they are bouncing back at this time of year as their workload starts up. Jameson and Cory both are ready to go. Obviously, not having pitched a lot over the last couple years, it is going to be something that we not only have to monitor here closely in spring training but as the season unfolds and hopefully they are contributing and pitching well and thriving. But we certainly have to be mindful.

Q: Should there be concerns over players coming off injuries in the starting rotation?

When you look at the names and the track records, you know there’s a lot of talented people and I think everyone can acknowledge that. Also acknowledge some of the risks and the questions that certainly people have when you bring in Jamo and Corey, who haven’t pitched a lot in the last couple years. We feel they’re in a good place and can make us championship-caliber contributors to the team, but time will tell.

Q: How will Miguel Andujar be included this year?

We’ll see, the thing about Miggy is nothing has changed as far as the talent. He’s at an age where he technically should be entering the prime of his career, and obviously, the last two seasons for him, with the injury and the last year not getting a lot of regular at-bats, it’s a challenge. But obviously, he’s got loads of talent. We love the person, and the makeup, we just have to see how things unfold. He’ll get looks at third and in the outfield and at first base, and when those opportunities arise, which inevitably they usually do, you’ve got to be able to take advantage of them and it certainly has the talent to do that.

Q: Have you spoken to Domingo German?

Cash and I have spoken with Domingo, and Carlos Mendoza with us as well. I just, welcoming him back, certainly, and how he’s paid a significant price from a career standpoint. Really having missed a full season plus now. But hopefully, that is behind us. We feel like he’s in a good place coming in. Now it’s on him to go out and kind of resurrect his career and go out there and compete for a spot on the team.

Q: Is Clint Frazier the starting left fielder on this team? 

I do, Clint has obviously come a long way in every aspect of his game and certainly earned his place last year when obviously nothing was given to him. He had to earn everything the last couple years.