Yankees’ Luke Voit calls out team after blowout loss to Toronto

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

Luke Voit has been one of the more consistent players for the New York Yankees this season, amid a range of injuries and problems. Despite dealing with a foot injury, Voit has remained with the team and produced when others were struggling.

However, with a 32-24 record, the Yankees just barely snuck their way into the postseason considering the value of each game. They are currently 11-17 away, which is problematic as they will have to travel against opposing teams, who represent some of the best talents in baseball. Fluctuating between great and terrible is not how you make it far in the postseason, meaning the Yanks have to establish a sense of positive momentum when they aren’t in the Bronx.

The Yankees’ loss to Toronto was tough, as they only earned four hits and struck out nine times. The Blue Jays picked up 14 runs on 16 hits and completely blanked the Bombers for the most part. They left the bases loaded with no outs at one point, which is simply unacceptable at the MLB level.

The Yankees proclaimed leader this year, Voit, addressed the lack of productivity after the loss:

“That was not Yankee baseball at all. It’s like we were the Bad News Bears.”

This is one of many times Voit has spoken out after a difficult defeat. The Yankees simply can’t afford to lose games like this when they have all of their players in the starting lineup.

They featured Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres, and the remainder of their premium batters, but they simply couldn’t get anything going. The Yankees live and die off the home run, and we have seen this season why that ideology can be problematic. In addition, their starting pitching remains inconsistent. Aside from Gerrit Cole, there’s nobody that has stepped up and cemented themselves as a sure-fire thing on any given day. Masahiro Tanaka is the closest, with a 3.56 ERA this season, but he currently has a 3-3 record and allowed three earned runs over just four innings on Wednesday.