Yankees’ Jameson Taillon torches MLB owners as talks stall on new CBA

New York Yankees, Jameson Taillon

With MLB owners and the players union still far apart on a new CBA, it seems as if the 2022 regular season will be pushed back. The league imposed a Monday deadline to end the lockout before they began canceling games, but that reality seems to be in place.

The two sides have been meeting regularly over the past week in Jupiter, Florida. Not much progress has been made, but commissioner Rob Manfred seems confident in the process, despite the fact that the game and its reputation are hanging in the balance.

Current Yankees starter Jameson Taillon had some tough words for the owners, who clearly care more about money than the respect of the sport.

“Players are used to their ‘threats,’” Taillon said. “Owners actions have made it clear all along that they have a set [number] of games where they still make profits [and] get TV money. They don’t want to play. It’s sad that these are the guys who drive the direction and ‘future’ of our amazing sport.”

With baseball already struggling to gain the attention of younger fans, canceling games over money seems to be the worst thing possible for the development of the game.
Once the lockout finally comes to an end, teams will have to jump into free agency and sign new players immediately. The 2022 season is set up to be a very strange one, not that fans aren’t used to abnormalities over the past two seasons due to Covid.
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