Yankees: Good news and bad news in series tie with Rays

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees fell to the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday evening 9-2 but walked away tying the series with two wins apiece. The Yankees are currently five games above .500 and sit 4.5 games back from Tampa in the AL East. They are preparing to take on the Boston Red Sox, who are 2.5 games ahead, but within reach as the Bombers attempt to break out of their funk.

The Yankees’ success simply relies on their offensive production, and their inadequacies have plagued them all season long. One surefire way to put a few wins in the right column would be to activate their slugging abilities, which have been absent as of late.

However, it doesn’t help when the umpire is calling a one-sided game. In Thursday’s loss, home-plate umpire Chad Whitson was inefficient with his called strikes, forcing manager Aaron Boone to take his anger out.

Good news and bad news for the Yankees:

Boone showing a flurry of emotion hopefully gave the players a bit more confidence, knowing their manager has their back. While Aaron wasn’t open to sharing what he had to say to the umpire, it was clear most of the words used would be shunned on live television.

“I just expressed some things and got run,” Boone told reporters via Zoom. “I just wanted to get my point across. I thought there were some close pitches, but the Rays outplayed us (Thursday). I just had some disagreements throughout the day with them and got run obviously when i went out to the mound. Probably said some things that I can’t get away with. That’s about it. That’s about the gist of it.”

At the end of the day, the Yankees aren’t going to be a quality team scoring two runs, as they recorded six hits and struck out six times on the afternoon. They made solid contact with the baseball but couldn’t get on base and capitalize when needed. Unfortunately, starter Gerrit Cole had a problematic outing, pitching 5.0 innings and allowing five hits and five runs. He now hosts a 2.26 ERA, but his relief didn’t fare much better, as Nick Nelson gave up three hits and four runs in just 1.2 innings.
Rays pitcher Ryan Yarbrough lasted the entire game, allowing six hits and two runs over 113 pitches. The future for the Yankees is simple, either they find a way to score runs, or this hopeful 2021 season will likely come to an end prematurely. Easier said than done.
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