Yankees: Good news and bad news from 3-1 loss to Orioles

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The Yankees experienced their most disappointing offensive performance of the year, succumbing to a 3-1 defeat to the Orioles.

Although the pitching did a commendable job, it couldn’t keep up indefinitely, and the lack of production from the lineup exacerbated the problem.

It seemed as if each half-inning, the Orioles kept circulating their batters and meticulously working their counts, while the Yankees retired in sequence.

Despite the challenging loss, a silver lining emerged in Clarke Schmidt’s performance, which was as consistent as we’ve seen all year. Hopefully, the offense will bounce back in the next match.

In terms of pitching, the Yankees did well:

Schmidt pitched for 5.0 innings, conceding only one run. If not for a few defensive errors and questionable strike zones, he could have lasted longer.

After delivering consecutive solid performances, it’s reasonable to hope Schmidt is finding his rhythm. Despite the bullpen’s admirable efforts following his exit, they couldn’t ignite the offense. After Schmidt, Nick Ramirez was introduced for 0.1 innings, only to be replaced after failing to cover first base properly.

Following Ramirez, Jimmy Cordero took to the mound and pitched a shutout inning. However, he also mishandled a ball at first base, enabling a runner to reach.

This pattern defined the evening, as defensive lapses forced the pitching staff to throw more than necessary. While such events can occur in any game, this match was particularly challenging to witness. Wandy then pitched for 0.2 innings and was replaced after walking two batters, leading to Clay conceding a 2R double.

Albert Abreu concluded the bullpen’s efforts for the night by pitching a shutout ninth inning. Despite his commendable performance, the offense failed to respond. Abreu’s continued strong performances in low-pressure situations suggest he will maintain this role going forward.

The bullpen has been overworked in this series, so we are relying on Randy Vazquez to deliver a stellar debut performance in the upcoming game. Despite the considerable challenge, there’s reason to be hopeful.

Rortvedt and Willie made offensive strides:

Despite the lack of overall offensive production, Ben Rortvedt stood out positively. He managed two walks and executed impressive plays as a catcher.

Although it’s uncertain he’ll stay on the roster when Trevino is reactivated, Rortvedt has justified his place. I would prefer him over Higgy, although it’s doubtful the team will part with Higgy at this juncture. Rortvedt’s batting has been promising, but the future remains uncertain.

Gleyber Torres and Willie Calhoun were the only players to record hits that night as the lineup struggled to decode Kyle Gibson. Willie sparked interest in the ninth inning with an RBI double, scoring the Yankees’ only run. Judge managed a walk in the ninth, but it didn’t lead to a score.

The Orioles continue to demonstrate their prowess, suggesting that their performance last year was just the start. The Yankees have played well overall, but performances like tonight’s cannot become a trend. The highlight of the night happened before the game began when Judge and his dog, Gus, enjoyed some time together on the field. Onward to the next game.

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