Yankees’ Gary Sanchez details just how much better he’s getting behind the plate

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

The New York Yankees have made several fundamental changes to their players to help them improve and perform at a higher level.

One of those players has been Gary Sanchez, who has taken a different approach behind the plate to improve his defense. His defining trait comes on the offensive side of the ball with his powerful bat, but his defense is a bit strenuous at times.

His new stance, which he has been working with Tanner Swanson on, has already begun to pay dividends. He was a bit uncomfortable at first with the one knee stance behind the plate, but he is getting much better as the days go by.

“Getting better, much more comfortable and getting to the point where it is second nature to me,’’ Sanchez said of his stance working with Gerrit Cole. “I think it is a result of all the work we have been doing. It has been a lot of work dedicated to assimilate the stance and I think it is making progress.’’

Opening Day didn’t treat Sanchez too well in the batter’s box, as he struck out all three times against Max Scherzer. However, Sanchez was much better behind the plate, framing pitches well despite a lenient Angel Hernandez helping him out.

Every game he gets a bit more comfortable, and his offense should see an uptick as the Yankees dive into the deeper pitchers in opposing team’s rotations.

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