Yankees’ Domingo German speaks out on his future in baseball

New York Yankees, Domingo German

The starting rotation for the New York Yankees in 2021 will be far different than the one they featured this season. For starters, James Paxton will undoubtedly depart from the Bronx, and the jury is still out on Masahiro Tanaka and JA Happ.

Both have looked solid during this abbreviated season due to COVID-19, but a small sample size can often-times be deceiving.

The Yankees have to find a way to factor in multiple pitchers who will be ready next year. Luis Severino will be returning from Tommy John surgery, and Domingo German will also have served his suspension due to a domestic violence charge.

Considering the return of Severino and German, it is likely the Yankees continue forward without two of their three pitchers hitting the free-agent market. One issue, though, is Happ’s vesting option for 2021. If he starts in 10 games or pitches over 60 innings, the Yankees will be on the hook for a one-year, $17 million contract next year. If they can avoid that reality, it would be an ideal scenario. However, due to injuries, the Yankees have been forced to utilize Happ more than they would like.

However, cryptic tweets a few months back suggested Domingo German might not make a return to baseball — he followed shortly with posts suggesting he would be making a return. Nonetheless, he offered more information regarding his future in the MLB.

“It isn’t over till it’s over – Yogi,” German stated via Instagram as he ran on a treadmill in Florida.

German is still serving the remaining 63 games of a suspension he picked up last year. At 28 years old, there is still plenty of baseball left in his arm, but hopefully, he has learned his lesson in the meantime. Respecting the life of another human being is far more important than the game of baseball, so hopefully, he will return a changed man with new ideals.

“To my teammates, the Yankees organization and our fans, I am very sorry for the unsettling post [Friday] night,” German added. “This past year has been very tough for my family and myself, for which I take full responsibility. Not being with my teammates while they get ready for the season, knowing that I have let them down, has taken a toll on me and [Friday] night I let my emotions get the best of me.”