Yankees could consider trading lefty slugger after disappointing 2021 season

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The New York Yankees face an interesting off-season as general manager Brian Cashman tries to navigate his future team. With a number of players on long-term contracts, is unlikely he’s able to find any trade partners that would give them a bit of financial relief. However, the Bombers added more high-priced players last season at the trade deadline than sent away, which has presented an interesting conversation, especially regarding lefty slugger Joey Gallo.

Gallo is capable of playing like a legitimate MVP contender, but his season with the Yankees was littered with inconsistencies and strikeouts. Joey has one more season on his contract at $9.5 million, and if the Yankees feel as though he doesn’t bring enough value to the team, he could end up being a trade candidate.

This past year, Gallo spent the first 95 games with the Texas Rangers, making 388 plate appearances, hosting a .223 batting average with 25 homers and 55 RBIs. He struck out 125 times in that range. However, his numbers took a nosedive when he joined the Yankees, posting 228 plate appearances, tallying 13 homers and 22 RBIs with a .160 batting average. He struck out 38.6% with the Yanks, which would mark a career-high with a minimum of 200 at-bats.

Overall, his numbers were pedestrian while donning the pinstripes, but he did post an impressive 3.5 fWAR and 38 total homers, which fits into the Yankees’ offensive strategy perfectly. He also presented solid defensive qualities, which is surprising for a player of his stature.

While it is likely the Yankees retain Gallo for the last season on his contract, considering they desperately need to retain lefty hitters instead of sending them away, there is a possibility he is traded. It was only one year ago that Brett Gardner was making a similar amount and offering far less offensively than the former Ranger did this past season.

Ultimately, the Yankees would be kicking themselves if they didn’t give Gallo another opportunity to enjoy the short porch in Yankee stadium. He’s not overly expensive and if he plays to potential, he would take the Yankees’ offense to another level.

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