Yankees could be targeting Diamondbacks infielder to provide offensive support

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The New York Yankees are preparing to take on the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday evening, on the back of a series sweep against the Boston Red Sox. Falling in their last four consecutive games, the Yankees are desperately looking for a sign of positivity and momentum, and unfortunately, it seems nowhere in sight.

Poor officiating the last few days has put the Yankees in between a rock and a hard place, as their offense has struggled to get going, but experiencing poor calls at home in the process shouldn’t be part of the equation. Of course, this issue goes well beyond the home-plate umpire, as the Bombers have been grappling all season long, showing little prowess, despite having a star-studded batting order.

The Yankees could consider looking to the trade market for a supplement. That is where Arizona Diamondbacks infielder Ketel Marte enters the fold.

Marte is an intriguing player who has played his last four seasons with Arizona. So far in 2021, he has played in 23 games, recording four homers and 14 RBIs, hosting a .382 batting average. He has struck out only 15.6% of the time, and while the sample size is small, historically, he has proven to be a stellar offensive weapon. In 2019, Marte posted 32 home runs, a career-high, showcasing his slugging abilities.

We know how much general manager Brian Cashman loves home-run hitters, and considering he has four in 23 games, there is a reason to believe he could be another double-digit option to inject into the lineup.

However, even the insertion of Marte could prove to be ill-fated, as their issues might stem from coaching rather than talent. When you have the highest payroll in baseball with players like Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and DJ LeMahieu available, it is hard not to have prolonged sustainable success.

Unfortunately, the Yankees are facing one of the bigger challenges over the past few years, inconsistencies. The Yankees have recently relied on their hitting to supplement their pitching, but now it has become the exact opposite, despite minimal changes in the batting order.

There is no question Marte would add a bit more spark to the infield, which would allow LeMahieu to play first base and Marte to fill in a second. Alternatively, he could play at shortstop, shifting Torres back to his natural position.

Depending on his price tag, this might be a solid move considering he’s also a switch hitter. Marte is currently on a five-year, $24 million deal, with club options in 2023 and 2024. He’s earning just $6 million this season, a respectable number for a player who could offer the Yankees essential value at the midway point in the campaign.

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