Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay torches Mickey Callaway and says others may be exposed

Aug 9, 2019; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets center fielder Michael Conforto (30) is congratulated by manager Mickey Callaway (36) after hitting a walk off RBI single to beat the Washington Nationals 7-6 at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees‘ broadcaster Michael Kay gave his opinion about the latest MLB harrassment scandal, which has Los Angeles Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway as the main perpetrator.

One of the Yankees’ voices seems to believe that there are lots of coaches, managers, and players who are really scared. They think they could be singled out next by female reporters for past behavior.

Callaway was suspended by the Angels, as they collaborate with MLB on the investigation. He made inappropriate comments and advances to five female reporters who told their story to The Athletic. Mets’ general manager Jared Porter did a similar thing in 2016 and ESPN ran the story a couple of weeks ago, resulting in his dismissal.

“I’m going to tell you right now there are people throughout sports — let’s say baseball because that’s seems to be the emphasis right now — (that are) shaking in their boots because they know it’s about to rain down, because this stuff is not going to be put up with anymore,” Kay said Tuesday on his ESPN radio show.

The Yankees broadcaster wasn’t surprised when he learned about the Callaway case.

“I spoke to a number of women the last couple of years who told me about Callaway,” Kay said. “They said he’s one of the biggest dogs you’ve ever seen in baseball. So it was well known. And the guy keeps getting jobs. The Mets hired him. How did the Mets not know? The women that are covering the team were getting hit on constantly in texts and the Mets had no clue whatsoever.”

Callaway, according to NJ Advance Media, is married with two children. He sent and asked for topless photos to female reporters, among other things.

The Yankees’ broadcaster thoughts on the matter

“I have no idea the kind of arrangement (Callaway) and his wife have, but he is also a person of power preying on people that need him to work with,” Kay said. “I feel for the women that have to work in this industry where there’s testosterone coursing through clubhouses and locker rooms. And these are people that since they were 10 years old have been the best at what they do and have been catered to and have been given things. They’ve hardly ever been turned out for anything that they’ve wanted, and I think that also applies to the pursuit of women.

“For those that will say, ‘Well, all they have to do is turn down (the advances),’ if you’re covering the Mets and Mickey Callaway is hitting on you and you just turn him down, you’re probably cut off. And that’s why the power structure is so unfair. And it’s not just Mickey Callaway. It happens throughout the sporting world. These men continue to do it, so there must be some people that actually do give in to the advances, which is sad. But maybe they feel there’s no other way to do it, or maybe they like the person. I have no idea.

“But this is how it works in sports: If Mickey Callaway actually did cash in on one of these texts that he sends out, I’m sure he came back and told everybody. ‘See that woman over there!’ … That’s the way it works. It’s a game for them. There’s no love involved. There’s no emotion. It’s a game of conquer.

“So think about the situation that the women in the sport are in. You don’t give it to the advances, you probably have lost the ability to cover the team. That’s number one. Or if you do give into the advance, then everybody in the room will know and you will be painted as someone with loose morals. That’s their choices. You either lose access to somebody that you need to cover, or you lose respect.”

“Mickey Callaway is fungible,” Kay said. “Jared Porter fungible. But what happens when the first big superstar is uncovered to be that guy? Is he fungible? Are they going to force him out of the sport, or is it going to be a simple slap-on-the-wrist suspension? I wonder, because that’s going to happen.

“There’s probably stars out there. There are probably Hall of Famers that have done it. Definitely. Nobody is going to blow the whistle on their brethren. It’s going to be these reporters that finally had enough. ‘That’s it. I’m done. I’m not going to live this way anymore.’ Those are the people that have gone on to uncover it. And they have the receipts because they’ve kept the texts. Idiots! How do people send anything in text that can come back to haunt you?”

Kay, a well-respected figure in the Yankees and the league, thinks that more high-profile sports figures may be exposed in the near future.

“It is going to come raining down on them, ” he said. “Marriages will be ruined. Careers will be ruined. So all the cavalier, macho nonsense that has gone on for decades, it’s about to come to order. There are about to be people that are going to pay the piper and they know it, because they know they’ve been living this.

“Mickey Callaway, he is not the only person. He’s the one that they’ve uncovered, but there are a lot of other people that are probably even worse than him. And they wake up every day and nervously look at their phone because the next stone that drops is going to be on their head. It’s a house of cards that will come tumbling down.”