Yankees’ Brett Gardner gives us insight into his future plans for baseball

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees might have found their future replacement for Brett Gardner in Clint Frazier, but the veteran outfielder has other plans for his future.

Currently, in his 13th year in the MLB, Gardner is 36 years old and still starting the majority of games for one of the best teams in baseball. That is no easy feat, and he deserves tons of credit for his ability to remain healthy and effective. While Gardner is known primarily for his defense, his offense in 2019 bubbled to the surface, as he posted 28 homers and 74 RBIs, both career highs.

So far, in 2020, he’s hitting .198 with five homers and 14 RBIs. While his offense has taken a backseat, his defense is still his best attribute, and it seems he could be a factor in 2021 for the bombers.

As one of the veteran leaders on the team, Brett represents much more than just an every-day player. He is headed toward a reserve spot, helping supplement injuries and keeping the team motivated and confident. He has the gusto of a future coach, but his desire is to play as long as possible.

Yankees’ Brett Gardner tells his future prior to Friday’s game:

“I feel great, and I feel like I can still do it,” Gardner said. “We’ll just see what happens in a few months. Right now I’m just focused on this team and trying to go into the playoffs strong, and hopefully, win the World Series.”
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