Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo has strange message for Aaron Judge and fans as Opening game looms

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With Opening Day just a few hours away, the Yankees are gearing up to take on the Boston Red Sox after the game was postponed due to inclement weather on Thursday.

There’s reason to believe the Yankees will have a strong team this year capable of making a playoff push, but they surely have their shortcomings, specifically in the starting rotation. Spring training has presented a few issues and concerns, but overall, the team has showcased their incredible power and efficiency in the batter’s box.

Some players are a bit more confident  in the team’s abilities but Yankees’ first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, had a strange message for fans regarding the ebbs and flows of wearing the pinstripes:

“We’re going to be really good at times, we’re going to be ‘what the hell is wrong with the Yankees?’ at times. That’s what comes with putting on this jersey.”

Rizzo had a few odd-ball comments for the media, specifically regarding Aaron Judge’s impending mega-deal. It seems as if Rizzo has lost any sense of loyalty after his experience with contract negotiations and not getting a proper shake with the Chicago Cubs.

“Freddie Freeman isn’t on the Braves anymore. There’s no loyalty in this game.”

This is quite the comment from Rizzo, indicating that Judge should proceed knowing that he must look out for himself and not care about saving the team a penny. From a CBA perspective, Judge should gouge the team for every last cent.

Despite Rizzo’s comments, the Yankees dished out a two-year, $32 million deal for the veteran lefty first baseman. He will play a significant role in the team’s plans and strategy this year, despite having their eyes set on Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson earlier in the off-season.  Over 49 games last season with the Bombers, Rizzo smashed eight homers with a .249 average.

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