Yankees: Andrew McCutchen torches Bombers over questionable tradition

New York Yankees, Andrew McCutchen

The New York Yankees have not managed to escape criticism the past few months, and with social injustice is becoming the new norm across the country, everything down to the team’s appearance policy is being targeted.

Former Yankee Andrew McCutchen called out the team for their policy on no facial hair, which dates back to 1973. Aside from a mustache, all players must have haircuts above the collar of their uniforms.

The policy instituted by the Yankees has been a significant talking point for decades. McCutchen feels it interrupts the individualism players seek to establish for their own brand.

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“I definitely do think it takes away from our individualism as players and as people. We express ourselves in different ways,” McCutchen said on “The Sports Bubble” podcast with Jensen Karp.

“I feel like maybe there should be some change there in the future — who knows when — but it’s just one of the many things in this game that I feel that there just needs … it needs to be talked about, and to be addressed.”

Andrew McCutchen makes a decent argument

McCutchen has a point, as the Yankees trying to establish a straight arrow arraignment of their players seems dictatorship-esque. While one could argue that the policy interrupts player’s comfort and skews toward the establishment of a professional appearance, allowing players to feel content in the game they play for our entertainment seems reasonable.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I can see both sides of the argument. Ultimately, the player should have a say in their facial hair, which every team allows except for the Bronx Bombers.

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