Yankees’ Aaron Judge talks Houston Astros and injury update

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the New York Yankees reported that slugger Aaron Judge would miss batting practice and refrain from throwing the ball in team drills. The reason for this was due to a shoulder injury.

Judge has been working on his throwing and hitting all offseason, and skipper Aaron Boone stated that the injury was just “crankiness and soreness,” and that there’s nothing to worry about. That’s great news for a Yankees team that doesn’t need to start spring training with an injury to one of their best players.

However, the Aaron Judge news doesn’t end there, as he addressed the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal and how it made him feel over the past few months.

“All I ever heard when I turned on MLB Network or ESPN was ‘baseball stealing,’ ‘baseball sign-stealing,’ cheating, cheating, cheating, and that’s, you know, first and foremost as a fan, I grew up as a fan of baseball, I don’t want to see that.”

Judge was clearly affected on a personal level by the Astros’ actions over the past few seasons, especially considering they knocked the Bombers out of the playoffs on two separate occasions.

“I was mad, I was pretty upset. To know we were probably cheated out of a possibility of making it to a World Series.”

“To hear that you got cheated out of that opportunity, that’s tough to kind of let go,” Judge stumbled as he tried to find the right words to describe his emotions.

The slugger did mention letting it all out now so they can move forward into 2020 with a great team. In addition, he was asked about Jose Altuve and him winning the MVP in 2017. Judge explained how he won it, and that next time he will have to make the margin so big that it doesn’t come down to the wire.

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