Yankees’ Aaron Judge is putting on an offensive masterclass

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The New York Yankees witnessed yet another remarkable offensive performance from the current AL MVP, Aaron Judge, on Tuesday night. He secured a 1-for-3 record with a home run, two runs, and an RBI, all in the day following a ruthless game against the Seattle Mariners where he scored two home runs, a double, and caught to deny Teoscar Hernandez a home run. In essence, Judge is playing on a level that seems out of this world.

Despite a collective struggle during Wednesday’s game, his extraordinary form remains undeniable.

From his return on May 9 after a mild hip strain, Judge has been an unrelenting force for the Yankees. His exceptional offensive contribution somewhat conceals the lineup’s lack of depth in certain areas, notably left field.

May has seen Judge display his 2022 form

Post-May 9, Judge’s performance has been stellar, recording .356/.484/.918 with five doubles, 12 home runs, and a 266 wRC+. These are impressive figures indeed. While some speculated that the Yankees overspent on his nine-year, $360 million deal during the off-season, given his recent performances, there’s a compelling argument to suggest he might be underpaid. His value to the team is beyond measure.

For the 2023 season overall, he boasts a staggering .298/.410/.679 with 18 home runs, a 195 wRC+, and 2.9 fWAR in 168 plate appearances. These stats closely align with his performance last year, when he held a .686 slugging percentage and a 207 wRC+.

Although the Yankees are currently third in the AL East, their 33-24 record, the recent victories in three of their last four games, and seven of their last 11 indicate a strong momentum. This success can be largely attributed to Judge. Even with the injuries they’ve had to contend with, they remain only six games behind the Tampa Bay Rays for the top position.

As long as Judge maintains his health, the Yankees will always be in contention.

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