Yankees: Aaron Judge discusses what the team needs to be successful

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge
USA Today

On Saturday afternoon, the Yankees were looking to turn things around. After an embarrassing loss on Friday, New York needed to pick it up. It’s never easy to do it while facing a guy like Glasnow, but improvement needed to be shown. Sadly, not much was.

The Bombers looked good early on. They were able to work Glasnow and even have bases loaded in the first. Tampa ended up escaping with no runs allowed, but Glasnow’s pitch count was just north of thirty. The ability to drive that pitch count was an encouraging sign. 

The Yankees couldn’t work him much longer, however. The Rays powered up and hit three home runs. That alone put five runs on the board. Therefore, the Yankees dropped another game. Lack of consistent offense led to another dreadful loss. New York now falls to an American League worst 5-9 record. 

After the game, Judge was asked about their rough start to the season. He said that it’s been “frustrating.” Saying that the group is “something special” but they just “aren’t showing it.” Judge said that it all starts with “the grind.” He expressed that he saw some from the Yankees today. Judge said they were able to “put pressure on them in the second inning.” Moreover, he exclaimed that’s what’s going to make us “successful,” and that we saw “glimpses” of that today.

This is not the start that Judge and the Yankees envisioned. However, the team seems very optimistic that they are almost there.

The Bombers are a very special team, as Judge described. The team is far too talented to be consistently playing the way they are. There are players all over that can perform at an elite level. The team just needs to pull it together.

The Yankees will continue their series against Tampa today at 1:00 pm EST. Gerrit Cole will be on the mound as he tries to give the offense some help. Tune in tomorrow to see if the Bombers can get back on track.