Yankees’ Aaron Boone hints signing ex-Yankee home-run king could be in the cards

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees have been showing signs of improvement in their offensive game lately, but there’s always room for more refinement and additional players to strengthen the roster. In a recent four-game series against the Houston Astros, the Yankees managed to split the series, with a significant score of seven runs on Sunday, yet they fell short of victory.

Yankees Additions: The Return of Luke Voit

If the Bombers seek further offensive reinforcement, they might consider reacquiring Luke Voit, the 2020 home run king. Voit’s career has seen him bounce between several teams over the past two seasons, including stints with the San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals, Milwaukee Brewers, and even some time with the New York Mets’ AAA affiliate.

  • Voit’s Consistent Performance: What stands out about Voit is his consistent batting record. Except for a small sample size this year, he hasn’t posted a weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+) below 102 since his 2017 rookie season.
  • Stats with the Yankees in 2021: Voit’s previous season with the Yankees saw him hit .239 with a .328 OBP, producing 11 homers, 35 RBIs, and a 112 wRC+ across 68 games.
  • Defense Challenges: Voit’s primary drawback is his defense at first base. Over 2,300 innings at the position, he’s recorded a .989 fielding percentage, -25 defensive runs saved, and -23 outs above average. The Yankees would likely use Voit more for his batting prowess than his defensive abilities.

Management’s Stance on Voit

Manager Aaron Boone was questioned about Luke Voit’s potential return as a free-agent option for the Yankees, and he did not dismiss the possibility. Although Boone stated that he hadn’t delved deeply into the situation, he left the door open for a potential reunion, saying, “We’ll see.”

Current Options and Challenges: Anthony Rizzo and Jake Bauers

With Anthony Rizzo currently sidelined due to a concussion, possibly for an extended period, the Yankees have called upon Jake Bauers to fill the void.

  • Bauers’ Contribution: Surprisingly, the 27-year-old Bauers has extensive experience at first base, with over 1,250 innings under his belt. He has maintained a .994 fielding percentage with seven errors, -2 defensive runs saved, and -2 outs above average, making him a satisfactory defensive player for the position. The Yankees also value his left-handed batting.

Conclusion: Assessing Voit’s Possible Reunion

Though a reunion with Voit may not seem highly likely at this moment, the Yankees could benefit from his offensive support. Voit’s powerful bat could invigorate the bottom of the order, where the team is in dire need of reinforcements.