Yankees’ $32 million slugger heating up at the perfect time

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The New York Yankees are unarguably a far stronger team when their superstar slugger, Giancarlo Stanton, is performing at his peak.

Stanton’s Importance Despite Limited Defense for the Yankees

Despite Stanton’s limited defensive play over the recent years due to injury concerns, he remains a vital offensive asset to the team. The name of the game for Giancarlo is rhythm and flow, which have been hampered by recurring injuries in the past. However, he’s currently showcasing his innate ability to see the baseball and send it soaring over the outfield wall.

Stanton’s Performance: From Dismal to Impressive

This season, the 33-year-old Stanton has posted a .213 average with a .287 OBP, inclusive of 11 homers, 29 RBIs, a 24% strikeout rate, an 8.2% walk rate, and a 104 wRC+. Despite these rather dismal statistics, his slugging prowess is remarkable, propelling him above a 100 wRC+ which indicates above-average performance.

Stanton’s Hot Streak in July

Over the past few weeks, Stanton’s performance has improved significantly, especially in July. In 34 at-bats, he’s achieved a .265 average, a .375 OBP, a .676 slugging percentage, and a 1.051 OPS. He’s also hit four homers during this period, contributing 10 RBIs with only six strikeouts. In his last 11 at-bats alone, Stanton has hit two homers, including three hits, six RBIs, and a 1.294 OPS.

These numbers demonstrate his potential for elite offensive production, provided he maintains his health. His impressive 51.8% hard-hit rate, 15.8% barrel rate, 93.5 average exit velocity, and 13.2° launch angle further attest to this.

The Need for Consistent Production Amidst Aaron Judge’s Absence

With Aaron Judge expected to be out for at least a few more weeks, the Yankees urgently need someone to consistently produce runs. Given his $32 million price tag, Stanton is the ideal candidate to step up.

The majority of the Yankees’ high-priced free agents have delivered underwhelming performances this year. As such, Stanton’s resurgence is a welcome development, especially as we approach the second half of the season and the looming trade deadline.

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