Why The New York Giants Need To Stay Far Away From Kyler Murray

The quintessential college quarterback performance looks something like 4,361 passing-yards, 42 passing touchdowns, 1001 rushing-yards and 12 rushing scores. These numbers derive from 5’9″ quarterback Kyler Murray out of Oklahoma, a potential suitor for the New York Giants in the 2019 NFL draft.

His numbers raise most eyebrows, as his speed and passing abilities are off the charts. A 69% completion percentage over 377 attempts would indicate that he doesn’t lack in confidence throwing the ball down-field.

Why I would stay away from Kyler Murray if I’m the New York Giants:

At just 5’9″ and reports indicating that Murray might be even smaller, it would be an extreme risk to draft the Oklahoma star. Additionally, his frame is a good 20+ pounds lighter than a quarterback like Russell Wilson who is about 5’11”.

Do you really want to be the guinea pig for the smallest quarterback in NFL history?

Now, I think Murray is a phenomenal athlete with the potential to be a solid NFL quarterback, but his tangible traits concern me, especially with Dwayne Haskins on the board at 6’3″.

Haskins also fits the Giants’ scheme better, as he’s a pure-passer that will stand in the pocket and deliver passes under-pressure. With the Giants having a questionable offense line, having a guy that can escape the pocket would be ideal, but it seems as if Murray relies too much on his legs and runs at the sight of pressure. I’m worried that if he stands in the pocket he won’t be able to see his receivers over taller, incoming defensive lineman.

Is his frame a liability?

As Giants fans we have been blessed with a quarterback that has never missed a game due to injury, which could come to an end if Murray is drafted. At 190-pounds, Kyler would be a serious injury waiting to happen. Being squashed by a player like Aaron Donald from his blind-side would likely be a “hold your breath” type of moment.

With all of those concerns being voiced, if he’s available in the second-round he would be a steal. Murray has fantastic arm-strength, accuracy and touch. I haven’t seen enough tight window passes to assume he can make the difficult throws at the next level, but I certainly feel he could develop that part of his game.

Having a quarterback to compliment Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley seems to be in the best interest of the team, as the offense would have to revolve around Murray and the scheme would be developed around his skill-set and not Barkley or Beckham’s.