What Are the Yankees Doing With Brett Gardner?

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

When the Yankees announced they were resigning Brett Gardner in December, it made all the sense in the world. The teams projected starting centerfielder, Aaron Hicks, had just recently undergone Tommy John surgery. He won’t be starting rehab until AT THE EARLIEST May or June.

So just why the hell are they waiting so long to make Gardner a member of the 40 man roster?! It’s already 2020 and the man you’re paying $10 million to doesn’t have a spot on the roster.

There’s One Really Simple Solution Here

As stated, Hicks is out and not expected to return until August at the earliest. Putting Hicks on the 60 days IL frees up the necessary roster spot for Brett Gardner. We’re about a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training, and the Yankees have yet to do this one, really simple. thing.

Why Wait?

If Gardner wasn’t factoring into your 2020 plans, why give him the contract you gave him? You’re worried about being over the third tier of the luxury tax? You’re paying a man $10 million right now against that $248 million, which would be $238 million if you didn’t offer him the contract. It’s something really easy to do and should have happened months ago when Hicks announced he was getting the surgery in the first place.

Seriously, Brian, Hal, what ARE you guys doing?!