WATCH: New York Yankees’ players send heartfelt quarantine message to fans

Alexander Wilson
New York Yankees, Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton
Feb 18, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; New York Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton (27) works out during spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While the globe deals with a pandemic and continues to shut down entire cities, states, and countries, many are looking for positive reinforcement in these difficult times. Sports are often an outlet for the negatives in society, but this time around, even they have been affected significantly. The New York Yankees are trying their best to remain hopeful and spirited while we collectively deal with the quarantine and nation-wide shutdown.

Here is the New York Yankees’ message to you:

I love Mike Tauchman’s clip — sitting dog-side (quarantine buddy, Dakota). He looks awful cold, wrapped him in gear, weathering out the storm (pun intended).

Giancarlo Stanton is perennially wearing a tank-top or extremely tight shirt to emphasize his physique. Maybe he should let his muscles breathe a bit, so they don’t tense up and result in strains (total reach, but I have no other explanation).

Then you have Tyler Wade, who, in my mind, lives in the clubhouse and may actually be homeless. This is more attests to his work-ethic than actually having a home if you didn’t get the joke. Wade is one of the few Yankees left in Tampa working out informally and practicing social distancing.

Miggy gets on screen, happy as can be — I have never actually seen him look upset. He has two gears — happy and serious. He advises everyone to stay at home, “please.” He’s right; we can get through these times quicker if we all take things seriously!

Wow, Luis Severino looks like he aged 40 years in two weeks. That Tommy John surgery must have done a number on his telomeres.

Kyle Higashioka breaks out the tunes to lighten the mood. I feel like Higgy is one of those guys who has 100 useless talents but can entertain people for hours. Still love the guy and rooting for him this season!

All of the players express their gratitude to the health care workers fighting on the front lines. Thank you to all of you, brave professionals risking your health every day to stop the spread!