WATCH: Boston Red Sox security blows it and allows fan to break into Fenway

New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are having a tumultuous 2020 campaign with a 20-34 record. It seems as if Fenway park security is just as good as the team this year, as they allowed a fan to break in over the green monster.

With the Yankees down 10-2, they decided to have a bit of fun, putting in catcher Erik Kratz out to pitch an inning. That wasn’t the craziest thing that happened during the game, as the fan that broke into the stadium began throwing Yankee hats out onto the field and yelling for no apparent reason.

The random fan broke in right next to the camera crew, who looked over in awe as he simply climbed over metal bearings to reach the outfield. Standing next to an American flag, the fan yelled out “remember 911 and the Boston marathon, America!”

To be quite frank, his message was heartfelt and reasonable, but breaking into a professional baseball game during the COVID-19 era might not be the best idea. He was quickly removed from the stadium and the game continued, but it was an odd day for the Yankees and Red Sox.

Nonetheless, the Bronx Bombers clinched a postseason spot, coming off a 10 game win streak. The Yankees touched .500 in the win-loss column, but the return of Giancarlo Stanton, Gio Urshela, Aaron Judge, and Gleyber Torres has given them an offensive spark. Against the Toronto Blue Jays this past week, they tallied 46 total runs, hitting six or more homers in three consecutive games, an MLB record.




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