Tyler Wade’s Value With the New York Yankees

New York Yankees, Tyler Wade
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The New York Yankees have had more production from triple-A callups and bench guys from any other team this season. Among those players, Tyler Wade has been one of the most significant guys for the team. Between his athleticism and strong defensive, Wade is a guy that the Yankees can pretty much call on in any situation.

Quality baserunning is overlooked during this home run era. A stolen base in a tight game during the postseason can mean so much. Tyler Wade is that guy who the Yankees can count on to snag a bag or score from second consistently.

Wade doesn’t have the most pop but can move a guy over or hit one through the gap. Working on his swing down in triple-A, Wade improved his contact percentage significantly. Having a quality lefty bat in the lineup is something the Yankees could benefit from, especially heading into the postseason.

A player with many positions is so valued in the major leagues. Primarily a shortstop, Wade can be thrown out into the outfield and play like an All-Star. He just looks so comfortable in any spot he’s put in, and that doesn’t go unnoticed by the club.

Besides his physical talent, Wade is a guy that the team loves to have in the clubhouse. He’s easy-going and can keep things light. Take a look at this Instagram post and then the comments from the Yankee players:

Wade is a five-tool player should easily make the postseason roster. His speed, defensive talent, and quality lefty bat are so important in the playoffs.

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