Three players the New York Yankees are pursuing as trade deadline nears

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

2.) Josh Hader

The bullpen for the Yankees has been extremely tumultuous, but star relief arm Josh Hader would immediately improve the unit. At 26 years old, Hader is struggling in the walk category this year. Over 9.2 innings, he’s walked 10 batters, but struck out 14. Despite his minor issue, he has a 1.86 ERA and has allowed two runs this season. He is a dominant bullpen arm and would immediately help the Yankees establish themselves as elite once again. They are teetering on the edge of good, but with healthy players on their way back in a few weeks, the Yankees will be in good shape for the postseason.

Hader is no rarity to the rumor mill, as he was close to joining the Yankees last year in a deal. Nonetheless, they have been monitoring his asking price, and while it will be lofty, his value to the team would be undeniable.