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There’s only one thing that can stop the New York Yankees in 2020

The New York Yankees are packed full of talent, stretching from their bullpen to the outfield. Spending $324 million on Gerrit Cole and allocating resources towards weak spots has kept the Bombers in prime contention for their 28th World Series ring. However, they must not fall ill to last year’s fate.

The Yanks set records in 2019, for all the wrong reasons. They had 30 players spend 39 sperate stints on the injures list, with multiple missing the entire season, virtually. Both Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andujar, two essential players, made almost no impact on the season. Despite losing both offensively proficient players, the Yankees still climbed to 103 wins and reached the ALCS, just to lose to the Houston Astros, who subsequently have been cheating for years now.

Manager Aaron Boone should have been given a gold medal for his patch-work last season, but that’s a different story. The only factor that could spark the demise of the team is injuries, and the Bombers are taking all precautions towards avoiding that reality.

Having fired Matt Kraus, their former strength and conditioning coach, they went out and hired Eric Cressey, a renowned option know for working with some of the league’s top names. He has worked with All-Star pitchers Noah Syndergaard, Corey Kluber, and Max Scherzer, Cressey will work closely with Gerrit Cole to ensure his health.

The new system should help mitigate soft-tissue injuries, something Gary Sanchez (groin) and Stanton (lat/bicep) suffered through in 2019.

Steve Donohue will be moved to the Head Athletics Trainer position, also featuring as Director of Medical Servies.

“Steve brings a wealth of information in terms of the flow of baseball, the travel schedule that dynamic. He knows all the players incredible well, but he is also very, very networked within the game,” Creesey said. “We can lean on Steve’s network really heavily so there’s a wealth of information we absolutely plan to to tap into that a ton and I’m really excited to work with him.”

If all goes to plan, the Yankees can remain healthy in 2020, which would increase their chances of bringing home the gold. After their monetary allocations this year, there’s no room for failure.

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