Should The New York Yankees Be Worried About Gary Sanchez?

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez has had power numbers over the last few seasons, but has otherwise struggled for the team. Should the Yankees be concerned about his performance?

Fat And Lazy?

Due to his excessive amount of passed balls behind the plate and lack of speed, Sanchez has unfortunately gained the reputation of “fat and lazy”.

His passed ball numbers decreased from 18 in 2018 to seven in 2019, but are still a problem. He led the MLB in passed balls in both 2017 and 2018.

In just 396 at-bats in 2019, Sanchez managed to hit 34 home runs and drive in 77 RBIs despite a .232 average amid several IL stints. In another injury heavy 2018 season, Sanchez hit just .186.

The average is really concerning, and it’s so different from both 2016 and 2017. He hit .299 and .278 in respective seasons. It may just be his approach at the plate, trying too hard to kill the ball. He does often take hard, off-balance cuts.

But going into the 2020 season, the Yankees have a new strength and conditioning staff, and that should help with Sanchez’s health. He’s looking really good going into the season with a lot more muscle. Aaron Boone was recently in the Dominican Republic watching him work out.

Gary Sanchez is preparing to try to bounce back after another disappointing season. With new medical staff and more muscle on his body, I don’t think that the Yankees should worry about him right now. What I do think is that they need to formulate a new in-season strength and conditioning program for him as well as work with him on his approach at the plate. Those two changes could lead him to have an amazing 202o season.