New York Yankees: Why Mike Ford is Important to the Yankees

New York Yankees, Mike Ford

The New York Yankees have had more players on the injured list than any other team this season. They’ve also spent more money on rehabbing than any other team. The “Next man up” mentality has been the theme all season and it seems this won’t stop with more and more guys hitting the IL each series. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

If I was told before the season started that Mike Ford would be in the lineup in game four of a Yankees vs. Red Sox series, I would have told you “who?.” Well, Ford has established himself as someone who the Yankees can call on in a time of need and deliver. Ford had a big hit in the final game against Boston where he knocked in a run off David Price.

For a guy who’s only had 34 at-bats in the major leagues this season, he shows utter calmness and confidence at the plate. His ability to foul off pitches and go deep in counts is worth so much as a hitter. Not only does he consistently have quality at-bats, but his eye at the plate also allows him to stay within the zone to avoid chasing pitches.

His presence at the plate reminds me a lot of Joey Votto. Votto was the same with his keen eye and ability to go deep in counts.

With Edwin Encarnaci√≥n out for the significant time, Ford will most likely find himself in the DH spot a ton and getting time at first base. The Yankees aren’t asking much of Ford, just to swing consistently while popping a few. That’s all Yankee fans can ask for from Mike Ford. I think he knows that too, no need to try and do too much.

Ford absolutely teared up triple-A this season. He slashed .303/.401/.605 with 23 home runs (Baseball Reference). In the majors, he appeared in 13 games and through 38 at-bats, he is hitting .211 with two home runs and four runs batted in.

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