New York Yankees: Why Brett Gardner should be brought back for 2020

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner
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After putting up career numbers, Brett Gardner wants nothing but to continue being a New York Yankee. The 36-year-old veteran has more value than most people realize.

Other than being a role model in the clubhouse since he’s the only one with a World Series ring, Gardner just knows how to play the game. Since the Yankees have a predominately power-hitting lineup, it’s refreshing to see a quick lefty step up to the plate.

Despite putting up a career-high 28 home runs, Gardner will do anything to put the ball in play. His short level swing and his speed gets overlooked and is so valuable in today’s game.

Besides his athletic talent even at the end of his career, Garnder leads the team, Through his bat slamming and umpire antics last season, he rallied the team which is so important in baseball.

Another thing to consider, Aaron Hicks most likely won’t return until August of 2020 due to his Tommy John surgery. Even though I agree that Hicks should be the Yankee starting centerfielder, Gardner could fill that role just like he did during the 2019 season.

Gardner is also obsessed with playing in pinstripes, and he’s made it clear that he wants to return for the 2020 season. Since he wants to be in the Bronx again, he’ll most likely take whatever the Yankees throw at him, this could be a steal for the Yankees.

Even though Gardner most likely won’t match his great numbers from last season, he’s always been consistent throughout his career. He’s not going to put up MVP numbers, but he’ll get the job done until Hicks returns.