New York Yankees: Why Aaron Judge should be named captain

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

There hasn’t been a captain of the New York Yankees since Derek Jeter when he retired in 2014, and for good reason. Jeter was obviously the perfect fit for a captain, especially in the Bronx. He handled himself flawlessly during his 20-year tenure with the New York Yankees. Even though Aaron Judge only has three seasons in the MLB, he’s on the right path to be named captain in the future.

In the bright lights of New York City, there’s going to be tough to always keep your cool especially as a star surrounded by media constantly. One of the biggest reasons why Jeter is so respected is because of his attitude on and off the field. Judge has shown the same as well.

Even when Judge is being criticized for his high strikeout rate or being “injury-prone,” he’s been flawless when handling the tough media questions. He’s also known to be the clubhouse leader, meaning he’s handling the music in the clubhouse to get the team ready or giving pregame talks to get the guys in the right mental state. He’s regarded as the leader of the team by many of his teammates and definitely has shown that on the field too.

It’s also important to mention that the Bronx loves him. He’s easily a team favorite even though his low times. Ever since he was brought up for a starting role in 2017 and slugged 52 home runs in his rookie season, the Bronx and the rest of Yankee fans have been in love.

Judge is the perfect fit to be named the next captain of the New York Yankees. I understand that it may be too early for that now, but definitely in the future.