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New York Yankees: Where Should Gio Urshela be in the Lineup?

by John Zarnowski
New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

The New York Yankees were stunned by Gio Urshela’s production in the major leagues so far this season considering he began the year in triple-A. His value not only defensively but offensively has been consistent with some of the premier players in the MLB.

A question to be asked now at the end of the year winding down into the postseason, where should Urshela be in the lineup?

The spot that Urshela would do the most production is in the three-hole. He’s shown all year that he’s able to drive in runs in any situation. Keeping him higher in the lineup would also give him the chance at more at-bats, where he’s available to do more damage at the plate.

After DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge, Urshela being in the three-spot would only do good for the Yanks. Those are three guys who consistently have quality at-bats and have a high on-base-percentage.

Not only does Urshela have a solid approach with runners in scoring position, but he’s also got some pop. He’s hit a career-high 18 home runs this season with the New York Yankees. In the month of August, he hit seven bombs with a few nearing 450 feet. Along with that, he’s slashing .338/.378/.574. His slash line is among many of the best players in the league like Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, and Christian Yellich.

Another statistic that stands out about Urshela is AL batting leaders (min. 350 plate appearances), Gio Urshela .338 and DJ LeMahieu .337. To qualify for a batting title, Urshela will need 121 more PA, credit to Marc Malkoskie.

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