New York Yankees: What Astros punishment would satisfy Yankee fans?

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve

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When Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich dropped the bomb on The Athletic exposing the Houston Astros for cheating during the 2017 season, every Major League Baseball fan wasn’t shocked but was still appalled. Even some players tweeted their thoughts on the breaking news.

While no one was really surprised about the news, it was still upsetting to just about everyone in the league. Everyone knew something was up because the Astro’s home vs. away splits tell everything.

Besides the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fanbase, there’s nobody that should be more upset than Aaron Judge. He was robbed of the 2017 American League MVP award to a guy that was cheating, even though he led every other stat besides batting average.

Now the real question is, what punishment will satisfy Yankee fans and the rest of Major League Baseball?

Unrealistically, it would be awesome to see the 2017 title taken away. Even though that’s far-fetched and unrealistic, it would honestly be the best thing. Houston fans would still call themselves the 2017 World Champions, but a single record of that wouldn’t be found anywhere in the books. Taking away the rings from Yankee-killer Jose Altuve and the rest of the Astros roster would be just as pleasing.

Realistically, if AJ Hinch was the ringleader of all this, he should resign/be fired or suspended for at least a season. The Astros should also be fined and have a ton of draft picks taken away. Even though it’s not as juicy as the unrealistic option, this is most likely around what the MLB will decide to do.

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