New York Yankees: We don’t need Stanton back in the lineup… right?

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NEW YORK YANKEES – There’s been a ton of hate on Giancarlo Stanton since the beginning of the season. His absence due to injury all year have cast talks of we don’t need him in the lineup. That belief is absolutely crazy.

Stanton’s last three games back have proven what he can do at the plate. He’s knocked in two runs on three hits, not to mention sending one 420 feet during Saturday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Having Stanton’s bat back in the lineup in monumental. He’s a guy who consistently hits the ball over 100mph which is more useful and productive than most think.

Yankee fans really haven’t seen what Stanton can do when he’s in a groove. This is a guy who won the NL MVP two seasons ago where he hit 59 home runs. Yes, 59 home runs – also knocking in 132 runs that year. His first season in pinstripes, Stanton slugged 38 home runs and knocked in 100 runs and fans still gave him hate. What else does he have to do?

Not only is he a slugger, but Stanton doesn’t get the defensive credit he deserves. He’s a better than average left-fielder and is among the premier defensive outfielders in the major leagues.

Manager Aaron Boone has spoken on how he plans on using Stanton for the remainder of the regular season. “Just building him up, and hopefully getting him at-bats where he can get into a good rhythm,” Boone mentioned that they’ll use Stanton in a DH role as well.