New York Yankees: The Rays are in bad taste and act like children after the game

Last night the New York Yankees lost the ALDS to the Tampa Bay Rays and drifted into the night having to wait for another chance at a World Series win. The Yankees were devastated after losing a tied game right up to the last minute, only to have Aroldis Chapman give up a home to the Rays’ Mike Brosseau for the Ray’s 2-1 win in the final game of the ALDS.

When the game was done, Ray’s all rushed to the field to celebrate, which would be expected.  They all greeted each other with high fives and hugs, while the Yankees sat in their dugout dejected, after fighting all kinds of obstacles and injuries, to get to the postseason and then lose it once again.

Then the tv cameras turned off, but the Tampa Bay Rays weren’t finished, in bad taste and in one of the most unsportsmanlike behaviors, the Rays weren’t happy enough with their win, they had to shove it in the face of hurting Yankee players, by playing “New York, New York” and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of mind” blaring from the dugout.  Many of them stood around the dugout and drank and smoked cigars. Last night they may have proved that they were the best team this season, but the also proved that many of them are classless baseball players that don’t know how to win graciously.

“We’re little kids trapped in grown men’s bodies,” veteran Kevin Kiermaier told Jerry Beach of the Associated Press after Wednesday’s night’s win over the Yankees.