New York Yankees: The Hardworking Story of Kyle Higashioka

New York Yankees, Kyle Higashioka

Beloved by everyone in local media, as well as every clubhouse he stepped foot in to, New York Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka is the epitome of the ultimate team guy. Kyle has been earning praise and compliments for his contributions to the organization from everyone, including Alex Rodriguez on the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast before Higashioka stepped in to the right-handed batting box against David Price.

Even with the previous success of Yankee hitters that night, Kyle’s at-bat was seen more as a formality. Before stepping to the plate for his second at-bat of the night, Higashioka was 0-21 in his career. So when he fell behind 1-2, it can be excused for thinking that the streak would continue.

Until Price hung 89 MPH right down the middle, knee-high. That streak disappeared with authority 400+ feet down the left-field line in to the second deck. Higashioka, bless him, tried his best not to crack a smile on the basepaths, wanting to remain professional, and returned to a dugout that ignored a towering shot 10 years in the making, before finally showering him with the congratulations he so thoroughly deserved:

New York Yankees’ Kyle Higashioka: The Home Run Stroka

After 10 years years of grinding in the minors and getting very limited at-bats in the majors, for him to go deep in that way, on a national stage no less, was awesome to watch.

Little did we know in the games after would we see the hidden power that he possessed. First hit, first home run? Pretty fun to watch.

But how about another?

Not impressed by the first two hits being home runs in the career of Kyle Higashioka? What about three in three? Oh yeah he did that too.

Let’s be honest, once Gary Sanchez comes back off the DL, it would be shocking if manager Aaron Boone chooses Higashioka instead of Austin Romine to be the backup catcher. But make no mistake, this power display by #66 won’t be forgotten by Yankee fans, and will further cement his place as a constant clubhouse favorite.

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