New York Yankees: The best option for CC is out of the bullpen

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C.C. Sabathia was left off the New York Yankees’ ALDS roster due to a shoulder injury. The reoccurring injuries with Sabathia (mostly his knee) have set him back all year and caused him to not have his “A” stuff.

Due to being unhealthy, it was extremely difficult for the Yankees to get length out of him in his outings. However, Sabathia’s stuff is still effective and can get guys out at the major league level. Therefore, the only place for him is as a reliever in the bullpen.

The Yankees tried this strategy out in the final series of the regular season where Sabathia pitched a perfect inning and looked comfortable and confident doing it.

It’s clear the Sabathia didn’t pitch the way he’s used to this season. Potentially a new role for him would be effective. A one or two-inning appearance would be perfect for Sabathia – not too much on his body and the Yankees could get a couple of innings of strong pitching from a veteran.

Sabathia has said he’s OK with a bullpen role.

“I’m excited and nervous,” said Sabathia weeks ago before his injury. “I don’t know what to expect. It’s the first time I’m going on the field doing something I’ve never done.”

Sabathia continued, “It seems like a pretty fun role and something I feel like I can do.”

The 39-year-old is planning on retiring after this season. This would be the perfect way to end his legendary 19-year career. The fans would love to see him pitch one last time in pinstripes especialyl in the postseason.

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