New York Yankees spear-head production of incredibly inspiring Covid-19 video

Alexander Wilson
New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres
Oct 7, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres (25) looks on during the seventh inning of game three of the 2019 ALDS playoff baseball series against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees and teams across New York came together to create an inspirational video for citizens of the Big Apple.

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly strained the links of society and affected individuals and communities across New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a strong voice during these times, but the New York Yankees and sports teams across the state have banded together to inspire us while we wait for things to return to normal gradually.

Sports may return sooner than projections have indicated, as the MLB has considered starting up the regular season in Arizona with no fans in attendance. This would include the reworking of each division, but nothing is guaranteed in the coming weeks. New York has seen a steady decline in death tolls, but those numbers are severely delicate and require us to remain patient.

The video below shows clips from the past and inspiring moments that we’ve witnessed and are hungry to enjoy once more. Another positive thing the teams are doing together comes in the form of the ALL IN CHALLENGE. This challenge allows people to bid on incredible gifts, including Giants’ Eli Manning‘s Super Bowl-winning Corvette, batting practice with the Yankees’ Aaron Judge, working out with Saquon Barkley, and batting tips from Alex Rodriguez.

There are many more prizes you can win, but some of them can be expensive, but all of the funds go toward a similar cause, the fight against coronavirus.

What has seemed like a lifetime has actually only been five weeks without sports, which only tells us how influential and significant these games are in our daily lives. The NFL just announced their first case of the coronavirus, which is a problematic situation considering the NFL draft is just one week away. The MLB is taking all precautions and keeping their players safe while health professionals deal with a pandemic, but we could be weeks if not months away from seeing live sporting events. Hopefully, the short inspirational videos give you some solace in the meantime.