New York Yankees: Should Tauchman or Stanton be in left field?

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

It’s crazy to think that the New York Yankees are going to have big decisions on their hands when it comes to choosing who’s playing what position. There’s a ton of names that are in competition for a spot and the Mike Tauchman vs. Giancarlo Stanton talk is one of the more crazier ones.

I think it’s forgotten, because of his constant put on the Injured List, that Giancarlo Stanton is one of the premier outfielders in the Major Leagues. He hasn’t had a full season since 2018, but people also forget that this is a guy who blasted 59 homers in 2017 and drove in 132 runs while winning MVP as well.

Mike Tauchman just had his first season with significant MLB experience and did well, but should not be in the talk to take Stanton’s left-field spot. I understand that because of Stanton’s build that it might limit him from performing out there but he’s actually proven that wrong. He’s able to layout for a ball and can also catch a fly running back to the wall with ease.

When Stanton is healthy, he’s one of the best players in the MLB. He’ll never be a high-average hitter, but his ability to put out 40+ homers a season makes him incredibly valuable especially in today’s modern baseball.

Tauchman should undoubtedly be the backup for any position in the outfield. He’s shown that he’s versatile out there that when either Stanton, Judge, or Garder has a day off or is in the DH role, he can play and contribute.