New York Yankees: Should Clint Frazier be an option for the outfield next season?

New York Yankees outfielder, Clint Frazier.

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The New York Yankees have one of the deepest outfields in all of Major League Baseball. With Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Hicks, Mike Tauchman, Brett Gardner, and Clint Frazier, the Yankee outfield is nothing short of stacked with talent.

Clint Frazier has been the “wild card” in the outfield for the New York Yankees. He was on the Yankee roster for the beginning of the season and was one of the strongest hitters in the lineup, batting .315 in April and March. He was controversially demoted to triple-A during mid-June and it’s believed that his defense was the reason why.

Heading into a new season, there are talks of Frazier and if he should be considered to have a consistent outfield role. I don’t see this happening.

The Yankee outfield, given that everyone is healthy, should be Judge in right, Hicks in center, and Stanton in left.

Now, this doesn’t mean Frazier can’t receive time in the outfield. He’s definitely one of the best options if someone gets hurt or someone has an off-day.

I believe Frazier’s best role on the Yankees is as a designated hitter. Judge, Hicks, and Stanton are such make such a strong core in the outfield that it’s hard to find room for anyone else.

It seems too that Frazier is OK with the DH role, too. His offense isn’t the problem at all. He’ll never be a big-time batting average hitter, but he’s very aggressive at the plate and that’s exactly what a designated hitter needs to be.

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