New York Yankees Report Card: Aaron Judge, Yankee superstar or complete bust?

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

In 2017 the New York Yankees thought they had their next Yankee superstar, much like Mikey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio, that was not to be as young Aaron Judge had been riddled with constant injuries that have left his stardom unrealized.

Aaron Judge’s report card this past season shows a B+.

Judge started the year at a torrid rate hitting an amazing nine home runs in just seventeen games and, at one point, a home run in six straight games for the New York Yankees. But then the injury bug that has dogged him throughout his career hit, with a calf strain. Upon his return, he injured it again, allowing him to play in less than half the games in this coronavirus shortened season. When Judge returned, he never hit another home run in the remainder of the regular season, again not allowing him to show his real worth as a Yankee superstar.

Judge is a starting outfielder and home run hitter for the New York Yankees, we know his stats, and we know of his injuries, and we know how popular he is with Yankee fans. But taking a closer look at that super tall hulk of a macho man is actually a super representation of what it means to live up to the Yankees’ ideals. Many think that past Yankee Star Derek Jeter was the epitome of that ideal. Time will tell, but if how Aaron Judge conducts his life is an example of the man he is, he may well give Derek Jeter a run for his money.

It was difficult to get to know the players other than their performance on the field in years past. Sportswriters would report on the day’s game and the stats, but often any personal information about them only came out if they had a bar fight, got arrested, or some other publishable news. Today all that has changed. Some players are very private about their private lives, and others like Aaron Judge regularly participate in social media that reveal much about their experiences.

So what have we learned about that superstar Aaron Judge?  Obviously, he’s a star baseball player, but he also loves football, especially watching the playoff games.  He loves his friends and fellow players; he instead praises a fellow player than talk about himself.  He loves dogs and is a big fan of children that love baseball. He is more profound than many may think.  His Twitter header carries the Corinthians  For we live by faith, not by sight.”  His very first post reads as follows:

Christian. Faith, Family, then Baseball. “If what you did yesterday still seems big today, then you haven’t done anything today!”

Judge loves children. He makes every attempt to greet them to sign baseballs and give them his gloves, bat, or cap. He frequently pulls them from the stands so their parents can get a photo of their child with the Yankee star. Many would feel that doing this was a chore, but just watching Judge, you can tell he loves it, even seeking out young Yankee fans in away parks. It is not uncommon to see him play catch with young New York Yankee fans when there is a play pause.

Aaron Judge has a long-time girlfriend, Samantha Bracksieck, who were high school sweethearts and attended Fresno State University together. Bracksieck earned a graduate degree in exercise science and is an aspiring professor.

Basically, Aaron Judge is that star player that is everything a Yankees fan could want in a Yankee player. Unfortunately, he will never be that next Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio due to his inability to stay healthy and stay on the field, even to the point that there is a thought of actually trading him away to get a needed pitcher. The Yankee’s front office and fans alike would like to see him return to the player he was in 2017 when he hit a league-leading 52 home runs and was named the Rookie of the Year.

Just imagine nine home runs in just seventeen games this year. What could he have done in the 60 game season if he had stayed healthy? At that rate, he would have been the home run hitter of the season and the MVP of the season unquestionably. Everything with Judge and his future with any team is if he can keep himself on the field. Only time will tell if his potential can be realized.

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