New York Yankees: Popular videos, Judge with fans and Voit speaks to health care workers

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

It is not a surprise the Yankee players interact with fans and the community. It’s part of the New York Yankee tradition.  In the first video, Yankee star player and outfielder Aaron Judge shows that he has taken over for former Yankee Derek Jeter in being the Yankee ambassador.  He typically takes time out to sign hats and balls.  He gives balls and gloves to young fans and loves to stand or usually kneel to have his picture taken with fans young and old alike.  He even shows his love of all fans doing the same thing in away parks.  He might even take time to play ball with fans in the stands during off periods during a game.  Below he shows his love of fans in London during the Yankee/Red Sox series.

Luke Voit takes time out to thank health care workers

Luke Voit hopes this season if there is one, to show his worth at first base and hit a few home runs as well.  Voit was out playing only 118 games in 2019. Voit didn’t escape the New York Yankees injury plague that hit the team in 2019. An abdominal injury right around the London series sidelined him, continued to be problematic upon Voit’s return, and eventually required surgery once the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs. Voit was dreadful after getting hurt, none the less the slugger did manage 21 home runs on the year.

Now that he has recovered from his surgery, hopefully, Voit won’t tear his abs again, and we can really see what Cashman snagged away from the Cardinals in 2018.  Voit is an average first baseman, but with this hitting ability, he is an asset in the lineup, plus he is still in the development phase. Recently he took time out from his workouts to stay in shape, to chat with doctors and nurses at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital.