New York Yankees’ plans at catcher becoming clearer with James McCann news

The New York Yankees promised to reevaluate the catcher position after a tumultuous 2020 season for Gary Sanchez. The two-time All-Star has seen his game fall off significantly the past two seasons, forcing the hand of management to consider alternative options.

Sanchez was replaced by Kyle Higashioka during the latter portion of the season and was completely benched during the postseason in favor of Kyle. In addition, he lost the rights to catch for Gerrit Cole since Higgy is a better defensive player and stopped balls in the dirt at an efficient rate.

Nonetheless, it seems as if the Yankees are going to retain Sanchez, as they offered him a contract ahead of the tender deadline on Wednesday evening. Sanchez hit .147 in the regular season with 10 homers and 24 RBIs, an average that would’ve been the lowest in the majors if he had qualified in at-bats.

Despite bringing in new coaches to help Sanchez, he simply can’t find a solution for his issues. Whether it be offensive or defensive, his fall off has been especially noteworthy.

Over six seasons with the Yankees, he has slashed .236/.320/.502 with 115 home runs and 286 RBIs. He’s still considered one of the best in the MLB, and if they can finally re-unlock his potential and fix his mechanical issues, the Yankees will be in great shape moving forward.

Nonetheless, it does seem that the Yankees have decided on their catching plans for the future, and they undoubtedly include Sanchez and Higashiosaka.

How will the New York Yankees operate?

I imagine they will rotate the two and play the hot hand, as overspending for a player like James McCann or breaking the bank for JT Realmuto doesn’t make much financial sense at this point. Managing partner Hal Steinbrenner stated that he wants to keep the Yankees under the $210 million luxury tax threshold. If that is the case, Realmuto is out of the picture, and McCann can continue negotiating with the New York Mets on a new contract.

There is the rumor that the Yankees are interested in Yadier Molina, but if they retain Sanchez, there isn’t much justification to carry Molina as well, considering his lack of slugging.

If you’re a Yankees fan, you should get used to the idea of seeing Sanchez in pinstripes for at least one more season, coupled with Higashioka, who has become Cole’s personal catcher.