New York Yankees: Out of the spotlight, what’s going on with the Yankees?

William Parlee
New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge
New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge

Giancarlo Stanton:

The New York Yankees beset be early injuries during spring training are starting to get some good news.  For the last few days, Giancarlo Stanton has been working out at the George M. Steinbrenner spring training complex in Tampa, Florida.

”Looks good. He did some stuff inside and then we took a couple of rounds on the field, trying to space ourselves out, not touch the balls and all kinds of stuff,” Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames said. “We sdid both — we did inside and outside.”

Stanton is recovering from a grade one calf strain that reappeared during the shortened spring training.  He suffered from the same type of strain late in the season last year.  Stanton appeared in only eighteen games during this past season.

Miguel Andujar:

Miguel Andujar is still at the Tampa spring training complex trying to work out and stay in shape for the eventual start of the regular baseball season.  He, like many Yankee players, are trying to lessen their chances of contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Miguel Andujar is taking extra steps he hopes will protect him.  For the last few days, he has been seen walking to and from the training complex with a full head ski mask to defend himself.  Ski masks do not protect against the virus.

Aaron Judge:

ESPN has reported that Aaron Judge has additional injuries that may be caused by his fractured rib.  It is believed that Judge suffered the fracture late last year when diving for a catch in the outfield.

“Aaron Judge also revealed to reporters that he suffered a “pneumothorax”, or a partial collapse of the lung, which can occur with rib fractures, and is now completely gone. Judge: “I can fly if I need to go home. The bone is still about the same. Slight improvement, but in two weeks they can’t really tell much of anything. The bone is healing the way it should be.”

DJ LeMahieu:

After a unanimous vote of New York Yankee major league players to remain at the spring training complex in Tampa, players continue to work out and practice while taking precautions against the coronavirus.  No more than then, players are allowed on the field according to reports, and players are keeping their distance from each other.

“Everyone’s wearing gloves and we’re giving each other space,” second baseman D.J. LeMahieu told reporters Thursday. “I think everyone kind of trusts that we’re doing everything we can to stay safe. By the same time, we’re trying to get a little bit of work in at least and stay in shape.”

Players reportedly have been seen with latex gloves on while working out, doing light-hitting, running, and throwing at Steinbrenner Field since last weekend.  They don’t touch baseballs without wearing gloves.  The Yankee organization has made it clear to players that wish to go home, that they may go anywhere where they feel the most comfortable.

Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone:

Field Manager Aaron Boone left the New York Yankee training complex in Tampa this past Tuesday to go home to his home in Greenwich, CT.  With his four children now taking online classes, he wanted to be there for a time to be with them as they cope with the situation.

New York Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman remains at the Tampa training complex.  He has been in and out of meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.  He is coordinating the organizations’ responses to State and CDC requirements and suggestions to limit both exposure and spread of the virus.   He said that he would remain at the complex:

“I’m not going anywhere,” Cashman said, standing outside of Steinbrenner Field. “The only way I’m leaving is if things are OK. If they’re not OK, I’m not going anywhere.”

With the avalanche of new coronavirus cases around the country, the questions about a baseball season and what it might look like continues to grow.  All of the major sports have come to a halt as the CDC continues to tighten restrictions on gatherings.