New York Yankees News/Rumors: With Gio Urshela out does the Marlin’s Rojas make sense?

The New York Yankees have so much to do to repair a team that has exited the postseason far too often. The Yankees need pitching, both starting and relieving. One then that they haven’t had to be concerned with is their star player at third base. But now, with the news that Gio Urshela has had surgery on his elbow, that may be concerning to the New York Yankees. The prognosis is that during his recovery, he may miss much of spring training.

Even if he does get in some spring training, the Yankees have no way to know if he will be up to speed or will have to be eased back into this position at the hot corner. If that is the case, Miguel Andujar may not be an option as he is likely gone before the season starts.

The Yankees do have an option dealing with a team they have dealt with before the Miami Marlins operated by former Yankee Derek Jeter. The Marlins have a veteran player by the name of Miguel Rojas. Rojas is an infielder that can play all the infield positions, including the third base.

Rojas could be a good pickup for the New York Yankees. He could platoon or fill in for Urshela if he is not up to speed and could also platoon with Gleyber Torres as a shortstop. There is no way to know if the Marlins would be interested in a Rojas trade, but it might be worth looking into.

Not only would Rojas be valuable as a great utility player for the Yankees, but he also would be an economic pickup that wouldn’t break the Yankees bank. Rojas in the coronavirus shortened season had a slash line of .304/.392/.496/.888, very Urshela-like. If the Yankees were to acquire him, it would probably only take one of the protected Yankee prospects. If it turned out that the Yankees didn’t need him at third base, he would be an excellent choice to use at shortstop if Torres again doesn’t work out, as he is primarily known as a shortstop.

Miguel Rojas will be paid just $5 million this upcoming season, and Miami has a $5.5 million team option for 2022 with a $500,000 buyout. The option would become guaranteed if he has 500 or more plate appearances in 2021 and it is determined he will be healthy for spring training in 2022. It sounds like a deal that the Yankees could do, should they explore the option and the Marlins are willing to deal.