New York Yankees News/Rumors: Why the Yankees need to pounce sooner than later

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The New York Yankees have much to do to improve the team this offseason. So far this offseason, teams have been a slow as a sloth in making the moves necessary to improve their teams for the next season. The Yankees are no different; the only thing they’ve done is protect those prospects they want to save from the Rule 5 draft. Other than that, on the surface, they have done nothing. There are several reasons for this; not the least is no team has a clear picture of what a 2021 season will look like. Will, there be revenue streams from fans in the stands, or will it be a full 162 game season are among the open questions.

The New York Yankees have made it known that their number one priority is to re-sign DJ LeMahieu to keep him in pinstripes. The Yankees probably will not do much until they know if that signing can be completed. That being the case, the Yankees need to get that done and done fast. That signing will allow them to start making moves to repair and upgrade the starting rotation and address other needs.

The Yankees need to pounce and do it quickly while the best free agents are still out there. For instance, Marcus Stroman, Kevin Gausman, Charlie Morton, Kendall Graveman, Robie Ray, Drew Smyly, and Josh Tomlin are already off the market after signing with their new teams. With every new signing, the pitching pool the Yankees have to choose from becomes fewer.

On the conservative side, the Yankees need at least one number two type starting pitcher and a quality reliever to replace Tommy Kahnle, who will be our the whole season rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. The Yankees have discarded James Paxton and J.A. Happ; other teams are already showing interest in those pitchers. The Yankees may be interested in signing Masahiro Tanaka, although they may have competition from the new owner Cohen of the crosstown Mets.

The New York Yankees have a history of not wanting to trade away their best prospects, but the longer they wait to make moves this offseason, the more likely they will have to do that to fill the holes they need to fill. With the MLB winter meetings canceled, most teams will make the moves necessary by the Christmas holidays. In the past season, general manager Brian Cashman waited to improve the team by the trade deadline and did nothing.

If Cashman does the same thing during the offseason, there will be no one left that is worthwhile. I am sure Cashman is not sitting at his desk, twiddling his fingers, but he needs to make decisions and sooner than later. First up, sign LeMahieu. Evaluate the other needs and make the moves necessary to bring another World Championship back to New York City.