New York Yankees News/Rumors: The truth about Gary Sanchez, Zack Britton, Yankee workers and more

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez is 5th best out of 30 MLB catchers!

The New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez is one of the most controversial players on the Yankee team.  You either believe he is the best thing since sliced bread or you think he is a big flop.  Those that overlook his defensive woes cite his big bat and frequent home runs.  Those that aren’t big fans of the muscled backstop his fragile body that is subject to far too many injuries and his lack of range causing him to have many passed balls.

2016 and 2017 were really good years for the New York Yankee, during those years most fans saw what they thought would be the Yankee catching start for the next decade.  Then came a disastrous season for the catcher.  2018 was filled with injuries, and when he would return from the IL, he would go long stretches unable to hit the ball.  He had 18 passed balls and only batted.186.  He roared back in 2019 hitting a  career-high 34 home runs while only having seven passed balls.

The truth about Gary Sanchez is that although he goes through droughts hitting the ball, he is the most powerful catcher in the league.  He has a bullet of an arm that accurately led to nearly 800 put outs.  Even though he is injury prone, his 34 home runs while playing only 125 games, indicates his power.  The truth is that as of March 31st, MLB lists Sanchez as the fifth-best catcher in all of baseball. That puts the New York Yankee catcher ahead of the catchers for the other 25 MLB teams.

Zack Britton’s okay with whatever baseball looks like

Zack Britton and other Yankees players are okay with whatever baseball looks like this shortened season.  They will play in front of empty stands and will play in neutral sites if need be, just as long as the can have a baseball season.  Britton speaking with XM’s MLB Radio Network said:

“All on the same page to play as many games as we possibly can. Obviously we could possibly be a team that needs to play in a neutral site for a little while because New York has been such a hotbed for this [coronavirus]. Guys are open to that. I know there’s sites they’ve already discussed,” Britton said. “I’m not sure if I should say, but there are possibly four or five sites that are up in the air that Major League Baseball and the union have slightly discussed that these are spots that have the resources and facilities and the hotels to host a major league team if we get to that point.”

Britton a New York Yankees star reliever also anticipates regular season baseball games to be played in October.

“I think the big thing for us is keeping the season and using that month of October for regular-season games through that month of October in a perfect world, obviously, and seeing where we are with expanded playoffs after that,” Britton said. “I know we’ll have those talks pretty soon. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter till the virus gets under control and cities and people are able to go back to everyday lives, let alone watching baseball.”

Yankee workers also get financial aide

The New York Yankee organization announced a $1.4 million “distress” fund to help Yankee stadium workers affected by the coronavirus.  The needs-based initiative does have some strings attached.  Number one is that you had to have worked at least 100 hours during the 2019 season to be eligible.

Aid will be given on a need basis and is for all Yankee stadium workers, including security, hospitality, and concession workers.  Workers must list out bills and expenses over the next 30 days, specifically rent, transit, food, utilities, and a field marked as “other.” Staffers can upload bills and invoices to further demonstrate their worthiness for relief aid.  The aide is not a replacement for payroll checks that won’t be received.

The Yankee released the news on it’s Twitter account:

New York Yankees COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program” will reimburse or pay some workers’ coronavirus-related expenses, including for “funeral needs.” However, the fund will not provide “wages, income replacement, or continuation of compensation or employee benefits” for their workers unable to earn a paycheck while the league is on hiatus until late-May at the earliest.

Other Yankee news in summary

New York Yankee pitching ace Gerrit Cole is at his home in Greenwich, CT, and is staying in from by pitching to this athlete wife Amy and neighbor Yankee manager Aaron Boone.   Another Yankee pitcher Masahiro Tanaka has returned to his home in Japan during the hiatus.  The MLB has recently listed Yankee Gleyber Torres as the 12th best shortstop in baseball, mostly due to his power hitting.  They also cite his dismal defense at both second and particularly at short.   Montefiore Medical Center doctor receives a safety packet that included a Yankee rain poncho in place of a protective gown. David Hale a veteran Yankee reliever has been released by the Yankees.