New York Yankees News/Rumors: No that’s not CC Sabathia, is it a tease from RHP Archie Bradley?

So far, things have been pretty quiet for the New York Yankees during the virtual Winter Meetings. The Yankees primarily wants during the meetings is pitching help. General manager Brian Cashman frequently goes into these meetings pessimistic but seldom leaves empty-handed. With their main priority re-signing DJ LeMahieu, it is somewhat unlikely you will see much action before that deal has competed if a deal can be done.

The New York Yankees lost three pitchers to free-agency and need starting pitching, at least one number two or three starter. But in the background, they also need bullpen help. The Yankees are in the worst shape for relief hands than they have been for years, with the exit of Tommy Kahnle to Tommy John surgery and the unsure play of Adam Ottavino. Recently I said that Archie Bradley would be a great addition to the bullpen who could eat up middle innings.

Interesting and intriguing is that Bradley, a free agent relief pitcher, posted this photo of himself wearing a CC Sabathia Yankees jersey that accompanies this article. That might make New York Yankee fan thinks that there may be some talks going on.

Archie Bradley, 28, RHP

The release of Archie Bradley, a right-hand pitcher, is probably the most interesting to the New York Yankees. The Yankees need to patch up a bullpen that will be missing Tommy Kahnle, who will be out with Tommy John surgery and the recent failings of Adam Ottavino.

Bradley is no ace, but he is a middle inning reliever that can eat up a few innings when in need. Bradley has lost some of the velocity from his fastball but has developed a very puzzling changeup to make up for it. Bradley is the kind of pitcher who can eat up to 100 innings a season. He is not a Liam Hendriks or a Brad Hand, but at a salary around $5 million, he might be of interest to the Yankees.

Bradley is a 28-year-old 6′ 4″ 215-pound right-hand pitcher that has been primarily with the Arizona Diamondbacks since 2015. He pitched for both Arizona and Cincinnati Reds in the 2020 season. He went 2-0 with an ERA of just 2.95 in 18.1 innings between the two teams.’s Columnist William Parlee is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Follow me on Twitter @parleewilliam.

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